Discover Our Consumer Brands

EM Pharma has an exciting and growing portfolio of innovative consumer healthcare brands in the key therapy areas of Eye Care, Hay fever & Allergy and Ear Care, which it supplies to Pharmacy & Retail Grocery partners throughout the UK and through a growing international presence.

Combining our knowledge of medical science, access to latest technologies and a deep understanding of consumers we will continue to develop our brands in order to to best meet the diverse and dynamic needs of today’s consumers and their lifestyles.

Kind to eyes

Vizulize Eye Care

With expert formulations that are kind to eyes and contact lens friendly, Vizulize offers one of the most extensive ranges of eye care products available including eye drops, eye sprays, eye washes and contact lens solutions.

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Viz Rx Eye Care

Viz Rx has been developed as a prescription brand to meet the requirements of healthcare prescribers seeking class leading eye care formulations that also deliver significant cost savings to the NHS

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Freedom from
Hay Fever & Allergies

Pollenase offers one of the most extensive ranges of Hay fever and Allergy products available including nasal sprays, eye drops, eye mists and oral anti-histamine tablets. The portfolio includes licensed medicines and medical devices.

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Complete Ear
Care Solution

EM Pharma’s Ear Care range includes over the counter products for managing ear pain (of the outer ear canal), to a range of products to treat ear wax. Our ear care portfolio of medical device products is one of the most comprehensive available.

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